Balancing , Mind, Body & Spirit


Lotus and Hawk is our manifestation of a dream that is now a reality.  


The Lotus represents "Kim Brochu" and her beautiful spirit , like the Flower she has emerged from another time in this life when there were struggles, and darkness.  Like the Lotus she emerged up out of that and rose up to become strong and thriving in Love and in Life.  She is a Spiritual Wellness Coach and advocate offering guidance with her certifications, as a Reiki Master Healer , Astrologer, Past Life Regression Therapist, and works with EFT and oracle cards.  She is a writer, mother and wife and represents energetically the Lotus of Lotus and Hawk.


The Hawk represents Jeff Brochu and his inspiring Spirit.  Like the Hawk, he has soared beyond his fears and challenges of the past and awakened in the process his innate ability to heal and inspire others. 

He is trained a Reiki Master for over 20 years and studied the Shamanic Teachings of the Q'ero Medicine People of Peru .  He is also certiied in Past life Regression.  

The Hawk Medicine symbolizes awakening the inner abilities of others. 


Jeff is a Healer and facilitates certifications in Reiki and workshops in the Shamanic Healing Practices .