“Lotus & Hawk” is the manifestation of a dream that Kim and Jeff have shared and co-created to become a reality.  



The Lotus represents the journey and transformation of Kim’s life. The word lotus came to her while meditating one day, not knowing at the time what it was, she researched it and learned that it was a beautiful flower that would emerge from the darkness of the muck at the bottom of the pond.  Just as the lotus makes it’s way up to the surface of the water, Kim, with divine guidance, has been on her own journey of self discovery and awakening. She found her strength, faced her darkest hours, and like the lotus, rose up out of the water to become strong and to thrive in love and life.  

She is a Reiki Master, certified in Karmic Astrology and Past Life Regression, trained in Shamanic Healing, and works with EFT, Inner Child Healing, and Oracle and Tarot card readings.  She is a wife, mother and author, currently writing a book filled with the tools that she depended upon to help heal and transform her own life.  In discovering her purpose, she is led to encourage, inspire and assist others on their personal “lotus journey”.


The Hawk represents Jeff and his inspiring spirit. Like the Hawk, he has soared beyond his own fears and challenges of the past, and in the process, awakened his innate ability to heal and inspire others.

He is a certified Reiki Master of twenty years, and studied the Shamanic teachings with the Q’ero medicine people of Peru. He is certified in Past Life Regression and facilitates workshops and classes in Reiki certifications and Shamanic “Earth Medicine” healing practices, along with a variety of Divination tools. His purpose in life includes assisting others to heal their lives.

The Hawk medicine represents awakening the natural healing abilities in others and Jeff shares his gifts of vision and intuitiveness in this process.

Together they share the joys and responsibilities of raising their five young adult children, managing three businesses, and learning, teaching and supporting each other as they evolve into who they were meant to be.