Reiki Attunements

Saturday or Sunday Once per Month 10am-3pm Classes Forming Pre-Registration is required , inquire with Kim or Jeff


We teach Reiki Certification in 3 Attunement Workshops;  level 1, level 2 and Reiki Master Level.  Each student typically works with the teachings of each level for one year before advancing to the the next level and attunement. After the Master Attunement each Reiki Student is given the opportunity to apprentice at a level 1, level 2 and Master Attunement class as part of their own Master Teacher Training. 


Level 1 Reiki Certification Class : $150.00

Students will learn about the History of Reiki, the Principals, and will learn the hand placement positions for self treatments and also how to treat others.  You will experience a guided Meditation to meet your Reiki Spirit Guides and become attuned to the lineage of Reiki Healers.