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Massage- Wednesday's with Polarity Therapy

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Book either a massage, polarity session or integrated session of both with Nicole. 
A massage is not only great self care, it promotes healing, relaxation & is effective in reducing stress & pain.
Polarity restores balance to your bodies energy system with the use of crystals to clear blockages. It also relieves tension & promotes a healthy flow of energy. 
Nicole clears negative energy that may have been lodged within your body for a long period of time and intuitively "reads" this energy to best advise you how to proceed following your session with her.

Must be booked in advance.
Practitioner: Nicole Rauscher, LMT, Certified in Polarity Therapy

60 Minute (Massage or Polarity)  $65.00 click Buy Now Below

60 Minute Integrated Session:  (Massage & Polarity)  $75.00 Click Buy Now Below

90 Minute (Massage or Polarity)  $90.00 Click Buy Now Below

90 Minute Integrated Session: (Massage & Polarity) $100.00  Click Buy Now Below

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Earlier Event: April 1
Later Event: April 4
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