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Whole Mind Whole Body


Whole Mind Whole Body is a six week, holistic weight loss program that will support and guide you on every level ~ subconscious, conscious, physical, and spiritual ~ to help you create a healthy relationship with your body, your thoughts, your food, with others, and most importantly with yourself. 

This is not a diet or a restrictive meal plan; this is a whole, healthy transformation that will harness the power of both your subconscious and conscious mind to work together to support your own personal health goals, and shift your focus to how you feel rather than how you look. You’ll find you begin to focus more on, “how do I want to feel and what does my body need to be fueled?

By using hypnosis, (somewhat similar to a guided meditation), we reach your subconscious, the part of your brain that is always taking in, and believing the information you tell it, and there we will plant the seeds of your transformation.

To help pave the way for all the new and positive ideas planted in your subconscious, we’ll learn to use lifestyle supports, like tuning in to your self-care needs or creating an effective meal plan. These supports will help you shift habits and patterns that no longer serve you and make space for new ones that do.

The Whole Mind Whole Body program offers several exercises that will help bring clarity to each participant’s journey, to help each of you discern what’s working in your life, what needs adjustment, and the best path for you to reach your own goals. 

Each session will include group hypnosis (with one week offering mini personal hypnosis sessions), an introduction of that week’s lifestyle theme, a group discussion and exercises, a review of homework related to the theme, and time to ask questions and receive feedback to help you choose and work towards your own personal health goals. 

There will be a private Facebook page where participants can come together to continue the discussion, and where you’ll have the chance to ask Kim and Tonianne questions, or get support outside of our sessions.

Whole Mind Whole Body is perfect for everyone. There’s always some aspect of our health that can be improved upon, some aspect of our lives where we can find more satisfaction, and by experiencing this as a group, you have a personal community of support and encouragement to help you achieve your weight management goals. 
We all desire a full and spectacular life, do not miss this chance to energize and transform yours to be your healthiest self ~ body, mind and soul. 
This program will regularly be $300, but for this first class ONLY we are offering it for $200! 

Facilitated by Kim Brochu and Tonianne Paquette

To register please email us at 
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